RMS is excited to announce the release of NCR Counterpoint version  8.5.4

Sign up for a demo today for a more in-depth look at our software features, such as: 

  • Microsoft SQL Database: NCR Counterpoint is built on the Microsoft SQL Server® database platform providing reliable data storage, scalability, and exceptional performance

  • Easy Integration: With a SQL database, flexible platform and strong business partner base, we can easily integrate your current data into our software

  • Inventory Management: Become a better buyer when you receive real time inventory updates and movement

  • Automated Purchasing: Detailed information allows your system to make accurate choices on replenishing your inventory

  • Detail Reporting: Slice and dice your sales data any way you want—information at your fingertips gives you deeper business analysis

  • Integrations with Popular ecommerce sites: Reach your customers 24/7 with an online store that’s full integrated to your centralized inventory and order management

  • EMV Capabilities: Get the latest in payment technology with our chip and pin supported software

  • Closed Loop Email Marketing: Create personalized emails to your customers based on their purchase history and preferences, all logged in your system

  • And more!

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