Retail Management Systems delivers solutions that power a wide variety of specialty retail and wholesale companies. Through NCR Counterpoint, we can help you add to your bottom line by increasing sales and reducing costs.  Our motivation is to increase your return on investment.

Our comprehensive retail and wholesale systems solutions can help you execute transactions efficiently and securely while our back-office management tools give you the ability to optimize operational performance. 


Management Consulting

In addition, RMS can turn your reporting and analytics capabilities into efficient and profitable retail solutions. We offer comprehensive management consulting that includes expert advice on product mix, ordering, inventory control, and ways to create new sales opportunities.  Assisting you in enhancing your process flow is an important consideration in our consulting approach. Our focus on harmonizing your corporate culture with your information needs is unparalleled in the industry.

Programming Services

As our clients have grown their businesses during their time on the CounterPoint system, they have been diversifying their business and seized new opportunities.  This has resulted in very unique and exciting requirements.  In an effort to stay ahead of our clients growing businesses, we are in the process of building in-house programming services.  If you would like additional information on these services, please feel free to contact us.

After-Sales Service and Support

RMS promises a level of after-sales service that is second to none, including system installation and team training, as well as in-house technical support. You can also count on us to stay in touch about upgrades, industry-wide trends and innovations designed to keep your business ahead of the curve. 

Our support philosophy is unique in the industry.  We offer unlimited support calls.  It has been our experience that if you are charged by the minute, your staff is less likely to call, resulting in challenges that don't get resolved, and missed opportunities in moving your business forward.  Our expertise becomes a much greater asset to your organization.

With this philosophy in mind, we become strategic partners in growing your business.

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