Top 4 Retail Trends for Pet Stores

November 18, 2015


The pet industry is an ever-evolving market and as a business owner it is important to stay on top of what’s happening in the retail landscape. In order to stay ahead of your competition, it is necessary to educate yourself on up-and-coming trends and develop innovative sales and marketing techniques by extending product lines and services that appeal to the masses. Often times your pet store POS can help you manage these initiatives by automating inventory and sales processes and integrating marketing and communication to your customers.

Below we’ve shared 4 current retail trends for pet stores that are appearing in the industry and outlined initiatives that can help you gain a distinct competitive advantage within today’s emerging market.


1. High-tech pet care is a high priority

Tech-savvy consumers are eager to buy high-tech items such as heated blankets, fitness trackers, electronic collars that monitor food consumption, app finders for pet sitters, flea-and-tick-repellent fabrics and much more to improve the quality of life for their pets. Show pet owners you're listening and you care by attending these products to your pet store inventory. 

2. Pet lovers love loyalty programs

Pet store loyalty programs appeal to both consumers and businesses. Shoppers can enjoy discounts on food, toys, treats and more while pet store owners build customer engagement. Retailers such as Petco and PetSmart offer loyalty programs across all channels to address customers' needs. Whether they are shopping online, in-store or by mobile, customers should have their relevant data synchronized and readily available for their viewing pleasure. Offering customers these options enables a better understanding of how they interact with the brand and what motivates their shopping behavior. Keep your customers in the loop about what new, organic products you're offering through integrated email marketing for pet stores. 

3. Healthy, eco-friendly foods and treats are a must have

When it comes to pet food and treats, the healthier, greener and safer the products you offer customers, the better as this category dominates the largest portion of revenue for pet store retailers. Pet owners have become more educated about the manufacturing and sourcing of pet food and potential diseases caused by specific ingredients, therefore seeking food that is grain-free, sourced in the U.S. and less processed. By offering these types of eco-friendly, safe brands, you can potentially increase sales and provide exceptional customer service. 

4. Pet owners will continue to seek out more comprehensive healthcare for their animals 

Healthcare availability will continue to be of the utmost importance to pet owners, as well as the costs for health and wellness care. As consumers have seen a vast improvement in their pets’ health, there is a large demand for different types of exceptional care and alternative payment options. In the long run, customers are also hoping to have pet healthcare insurance companies offer direct billing and self-insurance options.

Pet store owners who progress and innovate in these key dimensions will help protect their business and encourage them to be proactive about navigating throughout your niche. Implementing top of the line pet store point of sale will help you manage these trends and customer expectations.

In order to help better forge stronger relationships with consumers to keep coming back, it’s important to stay in the know about the latest trends and do whatever it takes to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. 

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